5 Life Lessons You Learn From Antwoks Ant Farms

Published: 25th January 2010
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Having an ant farm in your house is a great way to teach you children new things about life. Watching ants at work and play is amazing for kids of any age. Having the right ant farm is critical so you can see the ants behavior. There are 5 key learnings they can get.

1 - Social Interaction. Ants are very social creatures and live in colonies ruled by a Queen. Even without a Queen ant the colony will act similar to the ants in the wild. Their social function will be clearly shown as they work to build their tunnels.

2 - Taking Care Of A Pet. Ants do not require much maintenance through their lives there is some care that needs to be taken for them. It is important to keep their area clean and the tank they live is stable. If the enclosure is moved too quickly or tipped over the tunnels might collapse. A tunnel collapse would cause a serious traumatic event to the ant colony and could lead to the loss of the colony. Showing the responsibility of taking care of the ants would show they are getting ready to take on a larger put such as a dog. You can not take an ant for a walk or throw a ball around it with it but the concept is the same. It will teach your child how to care for another living creature.

3 - Dedication. To successfully get through life you are going to need to keep at whatever task you are doing at any given time. Sometimes it may not be fun but you have to do it anyways. By watching the ants dig seemingly endless tunnels your child will learn that if you keep doing what you have to do you will get the job done.

4 - Teamwork. We are all in this together. If someone does not pull their weight the entire group suffers. Everything an ant does is for the benefit of the colony and they will work until they are done. Almost on auto pilot each ant knows their duties and they do everything they can to get those duties completed. Some are tunneling, some are moving material and others are looking for food. If any of the ants is not working with the team it will be noticed.

5-Overcoming Obstacles. There are many obstacles in life that have to be overcome. As long as you keep trying you will get past whatever is blocking your path. Sometimes you just need a new strategy. If you put something in the way of the ants, like a rock, they will scramble and dig to get around the rock. It does not matter how long it takes them, they will find a way around the rock on onwards to the other side. If they have to take the tunnel in a totally different direction they will just to get around the obstacle.

By learning these 5 lessons you children will be better prepared to face the challenges and fun in life. Having fun and learning at the same time is a great activity for a child. They probably will be so proud of their ant farm that they will bring their friends over to show their ants off.
Having an ant farm is a great learning experience for your children. The best ones to see the ants at work are the Antworks Ant Farms. You can find more information about them on Antworks Ant Farm You will also be able to comparison shop the different models and from multiple stores.

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